Clinical Trial Support

Clinical Trial Excellence: Medyk Lek's Comprehensive Sourcing and Secure Delivery of Medicinal Products and Supplies

We Help Manufacturers with Clinical Trial Support

At Medyk Lek, we fully understand that the delivery of medicinal products for clinical trial purposes poses a challenge for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, involving substantial financial risks and the risk of delay and exposure. We deliver the medicinal products intact to the patients involved in clinical trials. Sourcing is one of our core competencies and we go above and beyond to ensure comprehensive services – from strategic supply and delivery assessments, up to logistics, and full documentation.We also source the following materials for clinical trials, e.g.: comparators, rescue medication, generics, medical devices, and other pharmaceutical excipients. Our GDP-compliant warehouse facility ensures that we can satisfy the vast majority of requirements in the scope of clinical supplies services. We cooperate with reputable, professional logistics companies worldwide.