Semi-Whloesale Services for Manufacturers

Premium Pharmaceutical Warehousing: State-of-the-Art Facilities and Stringent Safety Protocols at Medyk Lek Panek, Warsaw

We Help Manufacturers with Clinical Trial Support

We also rent warehouse space to manufacturers/distributors starting up their own business. At Medyk Lek Panek, we have a qualified staff of technicians and warehouse workers accompanied by facilities that are fully compliant with the storage requirements for medicinal products and the trade requirements of the counterparty. We have advanced, high-class warehouse facilities in Warsaw, located near the main transport routes. They are fully adapted to the storage of pharmaceuticals in all temperature zones: the chiller (2-8°C), cool zone (8-15°C), and room temperature (15-25°C). The temperature and humidity is monitored across all areas by a validated computer system.The goods entrusted to us are stored in warehouse facilities that:• Are insured• Have 24-hour surveillance and security• Are compliant with all fire safety regulations and requirements• Monitor climatic conditions• Possess regularly validated specialist technical infrastructure