Transport and Logistics

Meeting the Highest Standards: Advanced Fleet Capabilities and Rigorous Condition Controls for Medicinal Product Distribution

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The transport services that we provide are fully compliant with the distribution requirements for medicinal products and other pharmaceutical products. We tailor attractive logistics offerings for pharmaceutical companies, also in terms of the distribution of goods. All our services meet the highest standards.

Our services meet rigorous standards, including in the scope of:

A specialist vehicle fleet; Transport services using our own fleet and qualified sub-contractor service fleets. Our vehicles have a capacity ranging from 2 to 33 pallets, which meet the requirements of Pharmaceutical Law and comply with Good Distribution Practice guidelines, thereby guaranteeing the safe and secure transport of medicinal products. We have isothermal, chiller and thermal storage unit trucks with temperature sensors and temperature control units and readout panels, and

Transport condition control; In the case of less-than-truckload transport services, products requiring storage at temperatures ranging from 2-8°C are additionally placed in thermoboxes to ensure that the required temperature is maintained for at least 24 hours. For thermal less-than-truckload transport, we additionally include portable measuring devices controlling the microclimatic conditions inside the thermoboxes;

Precise identification of goods. We only accept suitably packaged, secured and signed shipments for freight transport. Appropriate transport documentation always accompanies the transport and is then archived in our computer system and in paper form.